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Patrick Skailes

Patrick Skailes began his career and love of bodybuilding at a young age as he didn’t have a father as a role model he looked up to heroic figures. After years of less than spectacular sports endeavors during his youth Patrick got the bug for bodybuilding while watching the “Hulk” TV program during the mid-70s as well as witnessing the ’78 Mr. Universe on TV.

In 1979 Patrick purchased his first weight set and set out to build what was then a rather skinny 145lb body. After only 5 months of training Patrick entered his first bodybuilding show The Novice BC Championships and although he didn’t place well it was this contest that led to his winning the Jr. Mr. Victoria a short time later.

During the 80s Patrick competed in and either won or placed in a variety of local, provincial and national bodybuilding contests and powerlifting events including a provincial and nationals win in powerlifting as well as setting a couple of national records. It was during the 80s that Patrick was mentored under a Mr. Universe competitor as well as having the opportunity to learn from some of the best bodybuilders, trainers and nutritional coaches of that era.

It was during the late 80s that Patrick was sought out as a trainer for local competitors, and assisted both male and female athletes as well as those just wanting to get into better shape.

During the early 90s Patrick lost his wife to cancer and although he did manage to continue to train and study/research nutrition and fitness in general it wasn’t until the late 90s that Patrick again competed and this time it was in strongman which is a more fitness oriented sport and this led to a number of victories.

In 1999 Patrick met Dolly who was interested in training and female bodybuilding. It was due to Dolly and her interest in competing that Patrick’s competitive aspirations re-emerged to compete once again on a bodybuilding stage, so along with Dolly (who shortly thereafter became his wife) began competing, and Patrick went on to attain a pro card in the WNSO and took second at the WNSO pro worlds with Dolly takingthird in the WNSOamateur worlds light weight division. In 2001 they both switched federations and joined the BCABBA as this provincial association is part of the tier system allowing a bodybuilder to compete at the CBBF nationals and if successful attain IFBB pro status (the IFBB is to bodybuilding what the PGA is to golfing), so in 2001 they both competed in the Western Canadian Championships in which Dolly took third in her division and Patrick won the heavyweights and overall. In 2004 Patrick with Dolly at his side competed in the CBBF Masters Nationals and won attaining IFBB pro status. In 2005 Dolly won the BCABBA provincial heavyweight and over all championships and in 2011 with her best conditioning to date Dolly took third at the CBBF National Championships middleweight division.

In 2009 due to an accident outside of the gym Patrick tore his quad and due to this injury and the quad not returning to its former shape/size Patrick has retired from competitive bodybuilding and is now focusing his knowledge of training and nutrition to helping Dolly as well as others attain their best conditioning and fitness levels.In 2012 Patrick also attained his ISSA certification to help further his knowledge in the fields on fitness and nutrition.

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