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About Patrick Skailes Fitness and Training Solutions

My mission is to not only assist you in attaining the best shape of your life, but to also educate you so that you will also be able to build upon what you have achieved under my guidance. My training philosophy is to take you the individual and your goals into consideration when developing your program(s), and to be available to assist you if you have questions or run into difficulties.

I do not believe in the one size fits all programs that have failed so many people in the past. And all aspects of your lifestyle, health, current training and nutritional programs will be taken into consideration. I also do not believe in weight loss diets as these do not work. I use progressive resistance exercise and cardiovascular training along with sound nutrition to assist you the average person to develop a stronger healthier and leaner you.

For those individuals that are competitive in bodybuilding as well as physique, fitness, figure, bikini let me put my 30+ years of experience to use here in helping you advance in your sport with a more developed and better conditioned physique for your next contest. This also applies to athletes in all other sports looking to make improvements through better conditioning, strength and endurance.

If you have any questions regarding what I can do to help you improve your current conditioning feel free to Email me.


Pat Skailes

IFBB, WNSO pro bodybuilder, ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA Certified trainer