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Alicia's Testimonial

"Hiring Pat was the best decision I could have made to take my training and physique goals to the next level. When I initially met Pat, I already had dabbled in Figure competitions, Powerlifting, and working as a personal trainer myself. One day while I was training  at the gym Pat kindly offered me some very timely advice on my squatting technique. I walked out of the gym that night, or should I say hobbled, ha-ha, because that tweak he advised me on targeted my long legs, and were much safer too! I assumed I had been doing this King of exercises right for years, and one quick assessment, one night at a gym was all it took for me to realize that this coach was  so skilled he could assess on a dime, and give me exactly what I needed based on my body type and abilities. It was only a couple conversations later that I knew I just had to hire Pat. I could see I needed his watchful eye and priceless experience in physique goals to help me with my fitness endeavors. 

Something that makes Pat's coaching stand out from others is his recognizing there's a trifecta to reaching your goals. So, not only do I receive Training & Nutrition coaching, but he addresses your headspace and mental awareness. It's all too sad, that the vast majority of trainers out there do not do this, and if so, do not take it into account as importantly as Pat does. It wasn't until maybe two months into our coaching relationship I could really see just how much his constant genuine assessment of my life stressors and headspace were truly important to address, and were affecting my attitude towards my goals. Pat never sugar coats anything, he pushes you when you need it, but it is always well seasoned with an empowering encouragement to keep progressing! That's what you get with Pat, a desire to keep pushing past what you even believe yourself as possible. He is a champion, and champions his clients! 

He teaches you to train in a healthy, sustainable, sane way. I felt that with him in my corner, I was not only fine tuning myself physically, but growing in strength mentally! Under his watchful guidance, I have seen myself change physically to my physique goals, become stronger with my lifting, and become stronger in my mental fortitude with my own outlook along the way. What I love is the fact that he leads by example! He walks the walk. 

Pat gives you the tools that make you want to drive hard and succeed in every aspect of life. I cannot stress enough just how Pat constantly instills confidence and motivation!! 

Hiring Pat was easily the best decision to meet my fitness goals. Along with his practical, first-hand experience, Pat is an a powerhouse of nutritional, and physiological intelligence that makes him an extremely valuable resource that I would strongly encourage anyone with physique goals, athletic goals, or just wanting to be a better  “you” to hire Pat and watch your goals be propelled forward!"