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Definition of Bodybuilding and How Bodybuilding Impacts Fitness

Bodybuilding is surrounded by myth for the average person and these myths continue to survive to this day even after they have been debunked through science and research. Such myths as bodybuilding will make you muscle bound or that if someone were to lift weights they (men or women) would end up looking like a competitive bodybuilder. Well these myths and many others just aren’t true.

It was thought not too many years ago that lifting weights would slow you down and in turn make anyone muscle bound, and as such athletes in any sport were not allowed to work out with weights. Well now we have research and of course loads of anecdotal proof that in fact any athlete in most any sport will improve their performance/fitness through the smart use of weight training/bodybuilding.

One of the other myths that continue to prevail is that both men and women believe that they will, if they lift heavy or even moderately heavy weight end up looking like a pro bodybuilder, and this is not even remotely true. The average person will build some muscle and improve their strength as well as overall body shape and in doing so increase/improve their metabolism, lower body fat levels, increase energy, and for many most importantly improve self-esteem, but they will not look like a pro bodybuilder. To gain the kind of muscle mass that is needed for a man or woman to create a competitive bodybuilders physique requires years of intense training, impeccable nutrition, and a lifestyle that could be best described as Spartan, so really one needs all this plus superior genetics to achieve even a decent level of what would be considered competitive muscle mass and conditioning. So for the average person looking to improve their general fitness bodybuilding is a superior way of exercise to accomplish this goal.

So in short the definition of bodybuilding is to improve and increase muscle mass along with lowering body fat levels and improving overall fitness. In so doing improved energy, improved metabolism, lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar level and insulin level, improved cardiovascular conditioning, improved mobility, improved sexual performance as well as improved mental and emotional outlook are just some of the benefits of this lifestyle. So for the average person looking to make positive physical, mental, and emotional changes in their lives Bodybuilding is one, if not the best, way to achieve this goal.

Now Bodybuilding is at least 70% nutrition as is anything in life and without solid nutrition no one will ever reach their goals of improved fitness. So a large component in attaining your fitness goals is through nutrition designed for your needs and goals. A good nutritional plan is something that will help anyone attain optimum health and fitness.