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Greg's 6 Month Transformation Testimonial

Everybody is always curious, "What made that guy/girl take that extreme step towards fitness?"

My story begins with me been a newly bachelor where I drank half a bottle of rye and smoked a pack of smoke a day. Weighing at soaking wet 175lbs.

After meeting my true love Lisa, who was a fitness fanatic and soccer star and I started working out, stopped smoking... eventually and stopped drinking.

About a year into our relationship we started going out a lot more, ordering in, watching movies and getting more comfortable with each other.

After another 6 months we got engaged and then that's when more time was spent in front of the TV, getting even lazier and not cooking rather ordering pizzas, wine started flowing and pastries invaded our fridge.

Just before the summer I was still working out and lifting as heavy as I could feeling strong and seeing the weight increase on the scale I felt amazing......Until I went to get a tattoo done and the tattoo artist took pictures and for the first time i saw my true body from angles I didn't want to see. I was fat, no definition. No wonder I weighed what I weighed.

It was a massive wake up call. And then a few weeks later in July we went to Cuba and when we got back and looked at the pictures we were both shocked how much we have let ourselves go.

For the first time in my life I knew I had to actually watch what I eat and go on a diet. I was disgusted and shocked! I have never in my life been fat. I weighed 220 lbs. my pants were a 38 and were tight.

That's where Pat came to the rescue.

I'd say the next six months were the most rewarding months in my life. Not only did I learn what to eat and what not to but also why.

I learned how to work out and why it works.

Biggest challenge I faced was not lifting heavy but doing tons of reps. Which in my mind equaled a girly workout.... Yet I couldn't even finish the workouts without swallowing vomit or wobbling away like a worm.

Diet was another massive challenge as I love sweets! Not eating ice cream or cake was torture!!!

But! After a couple months, my energy was through the roof, my confidence increased and I didn't feel bloated again.

I was scared when the scale started dropping but after going down to 190 lbs. I looked amazing without a shirt. Now back at 215 lbs. And keeping my stomach flat (I wear a 33" pant)I feel amazing and sky is the limit of where I can go.

On a side note, in these 6 months:

The question I asked myself whenever I looked for an excuse was, "how badly do you want it?"