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Janice's Testimonial

My name is Janice. I am 45 years young. I came to Pat with a whole long history of yo-yo diets and a physically half built but still very unstable foundation. I knew what I wanted in my heart yet I was so lacking in self confidence that I also somehow feared my dreams. I CAN’T say enough wonderful things about Pat and who he is as a professional trainer. He turned my life around to say the least. I started with him about 18 months ago and in that time I have grown physically, mentally and emotionally. I came to Pat also with some serious nutrition issues, a lack of nutritional knowledge that was starting to lead me down a very destructive path. First things first "Janice let’s get you healthy" I knew I had found someone that cared about where I was going and wanted what was best for me!!! He has worked through not only "gym type" stuff but when I really started with some peri-menopausal issues it was Pat of all people that was there to help me until things got back under control. I hate taking any medication or rushing off to the doctors who are seldom helpful for anything other then a slip to see a pharmacist. Pat helped me find healthy answers that worked for me and my body type. We have weekly and sometimes daily emails back and forth working through routine issues, emotional/confidence issues or eating plans and ideas! Doesn't matter what it was Pat was there to answer.

His insightful and knowledgeable ways are so helpful. Doesn't matter what the question was or how silly I thought it may have been Pat always answered it and followed it up with some sort of reading material knowing my personality type! I have changed so much and found new dreams and short term goals along the way. Pat helped me become strong enough and confident enough to enter into the PowerLifting competition this Fall. I came home with Gold and four British Columbia Powerlifting records. Thank you Pat... you’ve not only helped me become who I am today but you made me realize my dreams are limitless no matter what my age~