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Jordan's Testimonial

I met Pat through a mutual friend a few months before my first competition. Even though he was not training me at the time he was always helping me out, giving me tips about my workouts and making sure I was keeping up with my nutrition. I eventually hired Pat to help me out with my posing routine and general posing practice.

His knowledge and expertise in this area is what I believe helped me to win and look great on stage and have an overall stronger stage presence. However, after my competition I realized that in order to take my physique to the next level I would need his experience and knowledge about bodybuilding. He set me up with a nutritional plan and a new work out program. I have always struggled with my legs and growing them and felt that they were not up to par with the rest of my physique. Pat invited me to do a leg workout with him and showed me the intensity and dedication needed to develop my legs. After our workout I then began to realize the amount of effort that I would have to put into training to achieve my goals. Not only were my legs completely destroyed, but he showed me that I was severely lacking in what I thought was an intense leg workout. He was simply laughing at me while I was puking into the garbage-can and asking questions. He asked “ are you done yet?” “ Is that all you got?” Pat is very motivational, and does not believe in taking the easy way out. If you are willing to put in the work that is required, you will see results. He is always available through emails and responds very quickly to any questions that you have about your routine; workouts or general life questions.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to bring it to the next level and compete, as there is no better alternative. He keeps you honest in your workouts and if you happen to be in the gym the same time as him, you better kill it and stay focused because he has no problems telling you if you’re not!!

-Jordan King