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Lisa's 6 Month Transformation Testimonial

I was a competitive athlete all my life and was even given a scholarship to the states for soccer.

Once I graduated I felt I needed a break from the training. Even though I still worked out and played co-Ed soccer. I could already tell my body was changing.

When I met my now husband 2.5yrs ago we were enjoying life and eating mainly restaurant food and takeout. One of the things my husband loved about me was that I loved running and working out. Unfortunately I started to enjoy life a lot more than the gym. Fast forward to December 2011 that was the month my husband proposed to me and I knew I wanted to look good for my wedding. I started working out with a trainer at LA fitness and started eating better but it wasn't long till I fell back into my old routine and gave up the training. All of a sudden it was June and my husband and I went to Cuba and once we came back and we saw our pictures it was a reality check on how far I let myself go.

I have had several trainers in the past but none understood what I wanted as well as not understood my body.

My husband mentioned PATRICK SKAILES and that we could try and workout through online training. Even though I was very skeptical especially having bad trainers in the past and now only having a trainer online I thought I will trust my husband and I had nothing else to lose...

The first month with PAT was one of the hardest as it wasn't only working out but a whole lifestyle change.

We were basically limited to eggs, fish, ground beef, Sweet potato, green leafy veggies.... And there was no swaying from that.

After a couple months it seemed abnormal to eat anything else even on our cheat days. I felt more energetic, really enjoyed the routine and made cooking very easy.

It is amazing how motivational PAT is over email. He would either praise you and/or give you shit and made you feel like he is with you at the gym telling you to push that last rep. If I ever was feeling down or needed a boost to get my butt to the gym all I needed to do is email him and he would respond right away.

For anyone who has tried and failed with corporate personal trainers PAT is your best and most amazing option. Take it from a former competitive athlete. There is no better than Pat.

Another thing he has taught me is that weight means nothing. And even though I hated the idea of taking pictures. Taking monthly pics showed me how much I have achieved.

If I can give advice:

  1. If you have a partner, get them on board because working out, more so the diet planning will make it that much more easy if you are cooking the same foods and not stocking the fridge with junk.
  2. Take pictures monthly! You will be shocked at what difference you don't notice on your body unless you compare your body monthly.
  3. Throw your scale away; it's how you look not how much you weigh.