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Natasha's Transformation Testimonial

My name is Natasha and I am 27 years old. I’ve always been very tall and very, very skinny. As you can see in the photo above, this is what I looked like before I ever stepped foot in a gym.

After 2 years of going to the gym trying to “get in shape”, I decided by June 2012 that I wanted to take things to the next level and compete. I chose to enter the 2012 Fit Life competition held on October 31st. This was a very small show so I thought it would be a good entry level contest to get my feet wet.

I trained pretty hard for 4 months but of course being a newbie to it all, I was very inexperienced and didn’t have a clue what I was doing in regards to diet. I was making healthy choices but at this point in the game I didn’t know my body or how it would respond.

Here is me in August 2012 and then another of me the day of the 2012 Fit Life competition (Figure division).

I ended up placing second to last at Fit Life weighing 124lbs and was feeling pretty bummed out about it. Seeing the other girls was a rude awakening for me but only fueled my fire to do better, push harder, and work on the areas that needed it. The judges basically told me I needed a really good off season to put on some serious size and to fill out my frame more.

I then decided that I wanted to shoot for the 2013 Western Canadians show held every year in Kelowna on the May long weekend. I had 7 months to put on size.

I revamped my meal plan and starting eating and eating and eating. I gained a lot of weight very quickly and I guess you could say my tummy and butt started getting a little tubby.

I met Pat from working out in the same gym. I would often pick his brain for advice and he was always very helpful and seemed very knowledgeable. He mentioned to me that he does online training and nutrition plans. I soon found out that this guy has his IFBB pro card in bodybuilding and over 30 years experience. In February 2013 I asked Pat to be my trainer and help me prep for the Western Canadians 3 months away.

Pat was not in favor of me entering this show as he felt I had a long ways to go in regards to building more muscle mass and filling out my frame however, I had my heart set on it and my mind was made up. Pat told me that I’d need to work my butt off and follow exactly what he says with no messing around in order to bring in the best physique possible.

Pat had my work out plan and meal plan sent out to me in a timely fashion and so my journey began. I got 24/7 support via e-mail and frequent updates to my training program and nutrition plan depending on my results and the way my body was responding. Oh and yes, he even has your macros all calculated out for you so no more sitting there with your calculator looking numbers up online.

Pat has not only been my trainer, but he’s been my mentor and my support throughout the process. There have been some really tough days and competing takes a lot on you mentally, but Pat has been there every step of the way keeping me positive and helping me through any difficult situations that stepped forth. He even helped me work around an on-going issue I’ve had with my knees in order to still build up my legs without causing damage.

Pats attention to every detail makes him, in my opinion, such an amazing coach and you can truly tell how passionate he is about this sport. He is quick to answer any questions you have and will even provide you with links to read up on to support his information. So yes, he does expect you to do your homework!!!

I would consider myself a very needy client and I have asked some pretty dumb questions, but Pat has always been so patient with me and has never made me feel like a burden or annoyance. Pat absolutely expects you to work hard and follow exactly what he says so if you’re not in it to win it, then Pat is not the guy for you. I had one slip up in my meal plan while prepping and I can tell you that is the last time I’ll ever make that mistake. Pat set me in line but I need a coach like that; someone that cares about you doing well, someone that pushes you past the limits, and someone who doesn’t put up with messing around.

Anyways, now that I’ve explain my thoughts on Pat and how awesome he is, I will get back to my story. I worked my ass off and it sure wasn’t easy, but I was amazed at the results I got working with Pat in such a short amount of time. There were 12 girls total in Figure D (Tall Class) in Kelowna and I ended up placing 4th weighing 140lbs. I was so overjoyed with happiness that I cried as soon as I walked off stage.

Pat is now training me for the Western Canadians 2014 and this time I am hoping to bring home that 1st place trophy and move onto Provincials.

For all you women out there that are reading this, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PUSH SOME WEIGHT!!! I hear so many girls say they are too scared to lift weights because they think they are going to get huge like a bodybuilder. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I work my ASS off in that gym and lift as heavy as I can go and certainly look nothing like a bodybuilder. Women are just not genetically made up to get those results. So ladies, get off your hamster wheels and starting lifting. Oh, and hire Pat as your trainer because he’s super awesome and will help you get that rocking body. He’s by far the best trainer ever!

Here’s me now!