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Nutrition and What It Is

Nutrition for both the fitness enthusiast and the athlete is a highly individualized approach as it is for anyone wanting improved health and a person’s needs and goals will be taken into consideration before a nutritional program is designed.

When a new client approaches me for assistance with nutrition I will ask him or her to take the time to write out what and when they eat and drink for a couple of days, so I can better understand where they are at with regards to diet and nutrition. This understanding of the individual’s daily diet will assist me in creating a nutritional plan that the client can better adhere to.

As a person advances in their training and/or fat loss, muscle gain, fitness leveletc. so must the nutritional program be re-evaluated for continued progress. This can and will be accomplished through macro nutrient repartitioning and may not require any caloric changes for continued progress.

As was said above nutrition is highly individualized and depends on the clients goals, so if it’s to lose 10 pounds of body fat (notice that I said body fat not body weight), gain more lean body mass (muscle), or a combination of both I can help you achieve your goal and ultimately improve not only your body’s appearance but your overall performance, health and well-being.