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Why Personal Training/Coaching?

Get maximum results in the shortest amount of time!!!

Online coaching is a great way for the average person as well as the new or experienced competitor to achieve the results/goals they desire. The biggest problem most people have with using a PT at a gym is time constraints due to work and gym hours or the availability of the trainer. I’m much more available to you when you’re having an issue with training or nutrition, and even more importantly if you run into other problems and need to some guidance working around your lifestyle and/or family and friends. For a large number of my clients just starting out or even seasoned vets the psychological and emotional issues surrounding a major change in lifestyle and or contest prep (both?) can dictate whether or not you reach your goals.


$150.00 Monthly fee with minimum 3 month commitment

I will send you questionnaires to help me in personalizing your training and nutritional programs. I will also require weekly updates from you (I will send out reminders every Thursday to have updates completed once the training week is completed), and I am available through email for any questions or concerns you may run into during our time together as coach and client/athlete (the only foolish question is the one that goes unasked so ask!).


**Send me your current diet, Ht, Wt, and health history; I will help create a meal plan that you can live with and still get the results you desire.


**Email me for more details.


All online personal training includes: Weekly Email and monthly updates from me to ensure that you are on track for the contest and/or fulfilling your personal goals, as well as monthly picture updates (picture updates will be required more frequently for contest prep).During the first couple of weeks you may need bi-weekly or even more frequent updates to ensure you the client have a full understanding of the programs. In this way I can ensure that you are achieving the results we as a team are working towards.

For the single workout or nutrition packages I will want 2 weeks of updates to ensure that you are not having any issues with either the workout program or the nutritional program, and if a problem does arise then it can be remedied so that you are best able to achieve your goals.

If you need/want something other than what is offered here please feel free to Email for other program options.




***Disclaimer: If you are not willing to put forth the effort with both your nutrition and training in a dedicated fashion and on a daily basis then you WILL NOT achieve your goals or the results you want/need/expect. No training or nutrition program no matter how well formulated will yield results if you the client do not put forth a strong and intensive effort both in the gym or out of the gym with your nutrition. IE “you get out of body building/fitness what you put into it!” So if this sounds like too much for you and my expectations are too high then please feel free to find another trainer.
- Patrick Skailes IFBB pro/ISSA trained Coach/trainer