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Personal Training...what it is and what it isn't

I'm writing this to help you, the individual, find the best personal trainer for you and your needs.

First what makes for a good personal trainer:
Of course, the first thing to look for is certification.  Now this could be anything from a university or college degree to a certificate from an accredited school/program such as the ISSA. Next, and this may even be of greater importance in picking your personal trainer, what kind of experience do they have? (remember you ARE hiring this individual for their experience as well as their knowledge). So when interviewing a personal trainer ask them how long have they been at their profession, how many clients have they worked with, do they have any testimonials from past clients, does the personal trainer develop both training and nutritional programs based on the client’s needs and/or wants and how often are these updated. These are just a few questions to ask when interviewing a prospective personal trainer, and it should be obvious that the personal trainer in question works out.

If you train at the same gym as a personal trainer, watch and see how he or she conducts themselves with their client(s). Is the personal trainer attentive when the client is performing the exercise, does the personal trainer answer questions in a concise and informative fashion, does the personal trainer assist/instruct their client with the proper execution of the exercises, and does the personal trainer listen to the client about their needs. Pay attention to how the trainer interacts with the client.

Now if the personal trainer is working with you on line. Does the personal trainer allow for assistance as needed IE through Emails, text or by phone, does the personal trainer ask for weekly/monthly updates and pictures from the client, does the personal trainer not only create programs for training and nutrition but does he or she update these programs on a regular basis and does the personal trainer effectively answer your questions or explain why you are doing certain exercises or eating certain foods etc. And as with a personal trainer in the real world ask questions about who they are and the services they offer etc. (this of course will be done via Email etc.)

Any personal trainer should be available to you if you are having problems and these can be anything from needing to change an exercise, supplement or food to having issues dealing with people trying to undermine the clients efforts, and this happens more often than one would think, and can have seriously detrimental effects for the client continuing his or her program. So a good personal trainer will have to be available to assist in all types of problems that can arise when someone is attempting to improve themselves and change their lifestyle. And this is where having a personal trainer who has many years of experience can be invaluable as they have dealt with similar issues many times and know how to best overcome these obstacles for continued progress.

What makes for a bad personal trainer:
Generally it would be not meeting any of the standards listed above, and more specifically if the personal trainer is someone who just carries around a clip board and counts reps, talks to other gym members when they are supposed to be working with their client, can’t answer questions effectively or in a timely fashion (online personal trainer), spends more time texting than with their client, or is more interested in pushing the latest sale or upgrade on their client. And if the personal trainer is out of shape and eats fast food in the gym etc. (yes there are personal trainers like this) then STAY AWAY…FAR...FAR AWAY!!



I hope this has been somewhat informative when you choose a personal trainer or as I prefer to think of the occupation as coaching.

Patrick Skailes IFBB pro