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Training with Pat has been an awesome experience! Over the past few months he gave me the personal attention and support I needed to push myself max. I have seen noticeable gains in size and strength and I couldn't be happier. In 2010 with Pat's help I placed first at the Provincials for junior men’s bodybuilding and then went on to make my first appearance at the Nationals in Toronto. Whether you’re looking to put on size or get right shredded with Pat's experience, knowledge of bodybuilding and diet you can't go wrong.



In getting ready for the 2012 Western Canadian Naturals I contacted Pat for his advice on how to prepare for the show. From dietary guidance, to his assistance in developing my posing routine. His years of being involved in bodybuilding as a professional competitor were evident in the help he provided. With Pats help I won first place in the Master Division, and this was my first show ever! Thanks Pat for your professional guidance and I look forward to working with you as I get ready for the 2013 competitive season!
-David Gilks, Medical Exercise Program Director



My name is Dolly; I’m 44 years old and have been competing in strength and power events as well as bodybuilding (my sport of choice) for the last 13 years. I have been blessed to have Pat’s guidance through the years.

With his assistance, I managed to obtain maximum lifts of; 465lb squat, 280lb bench and a 385lb deadlift at a 120-140lb bodyweight.

In 2005, with Pat’s assistance, I became the overall winner at the BC Provincial Bodybuilding Championships.

In 2009, we were in the process of getting me ready for the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships when I started having problems with my intestinal tract. Pat did everything and anything in his power to help me. He stuck with me right to the end and when I decided to compete (even though my conditioning was only around 75%) he was right there with me. I finished 18th but we finally had a handle on my stomach issues (through Pat’s knowledge of diet and nutrition) and decided to try again.

In 2011, Pat helped me with my prep for the Nationals. It turned out to be the biggest nationals ever in Canadian bodybuilding and I came out with a 3rd place in the middle weights!

Pat is an excellent coach. His knowledge of nutrition and training go well beyond what is taught in school. 30+ years experience speaks volume.
-Dolly Skailes



Pat was there for me when I begun my trainingfor the 2005 BC bodybuilding Championships. I had just moved to Nanaimo a yr earlier and was training alone. I asked Pat if he would help me with a few things,He agreed and so it begun. We trained to gether and he looked at the changes in my body weekly. Pat has a great eye and great knowledge in the fitness arena ,especially Bodybuilding and powerlifting. Pat has always been up front and honest with me about my physique, and the improvements that I needed to make if I were to improve as a bodybuilder.

That year with Pats help I placed second in the heavyweight class, lost by 1point I might add. Pat has an extensive knowledge in the dietting aspect also as well as what is needed to be done in the gym to change your physique. Pat has been involved in the fitness arena for longer than most, and it shows in his knowledge about diet and training.

Thank you Pat for all your help and encouragement over the yrs, you are a great ambassadore to the sport.
-Chuck Straceny



My name is Jeff, I am 35 years old and have spent most of my adult life studying on my own, different forms of exercise and sports, diet and nutrition, and how the human body works.
I have also had the pleasure of meeting and training with such world class trainers and athletes like world champion boxers, one of the best boxing coaches in history the late great Eddie Futch, one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and creators of MMA as we know it today Royce Gracie, martial arts athletes with military back grounds from around the world, and hands down the best body building coach and strength trainer I have ever met Patrick Skailes.
From strength training, to how to get big and strong properly, and the diet plan to make it happen, a lot of what I know today, who I am in the gym and what I do there is thanks to him.
Even the motivational speeches I got while being a workout partner of his 12 years ago I still remember to this day.
So for anyone looking to know the proper way to train in the gym, you will never ever go wrong and you will always be thankful by choosing Patrick as your trainer.